Books and monographs

Sexual Politics in the Internet Age, forthcoming

Supply and Desire: Sexuality and the Sex Industry in the 21st Century, Discussion Paper No. 61, London: Institute of Economic Affairs, August 2015. Also available on IEA website

The New Rules: Internet Dating, Playfairs, and Erotic Power, London: Gibson Square, September 2012.

Erotic Capital: The Power of Attraction in the Boardroom and the Bedroom, New York: Basic Books, September 2011.

Erotisches Kapital. Das Geheimnis Erfolgreicher Menschen, Frankfurt:: Campus Verlag,  2011.

Honey Money: The Power of Erotic Capital, London: Allen Lane, September 2011. Translated and published (under the title Erotic Capital) in 2012-13 in Spain, Italy, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

Feminist Myths and Magic Medicine, London: Centre for Policy Studies, 2011. Available on CPS website

Little Britons: Financing Childcare Choice, London: Policy Exchange, 2008 (with Karen Bradley, Emily Price and Louisa Mitchell).

Modelos de Familia en las Sociedades Modernas: Ideales y Realidades, Madrid: Centro de Investigaciónes Sociológicas, 2005.

Key Issues in Women’s Work: Female Diversity and the Polarisation of Women’s Employment, 2nd edition, London: Glasshouse Press, September 2004.

Models of the Family in Modern Societies: Ideals and Realities, Aldershot: Ashgate, June 2003.

Work-Lifestyle Choices in the 21st Century: Preference Theory, Oxford University Press, November 2000.  With a Preface by Anthony Giddens.

Research Design: Successful Designs for Social and Economic Research,  2nd edition, London: Routledge, May 2000.

Social Change and Innovation in the Labour Market: Evidence from the Census SARs on Occupational Segregation and Labour Mobility, Part-Time Work and Student Jobs, Homework and Self-Employment, Oxford: Oxford University Press, March 1998.

Between Equalization and Marginalization:  Women Working Part-Time in Europe and the USA, editor (with H-P Blossfeld), Oxford: Oxford University Press, August 1997.

Key Issues in Women’s Work: Female Heterogeneity and the Polarisation of Women’s Employment, London: Continuum Press, April 1996.

Research Design: Strategies and Choices in the Design of Social Research,  London: Allen & Unwin, 1987.  Reprinted by Routledge 1992, 1994, 1997.

Home-Based Work in Britain: A Report on the 1981 National Homeworking Survey and the DE Research Programme on Homework, Research Paper No. 60, London: Department of Employment, 1987.

Employers’ Use of Outwork: A Study using the 1980 Workplace Industrial Relations Survey and the 1981 National Survey of Homeworking, Research Paper No. 44, London: Department of Employment, 1985.  Reprinted 1986.

Secondary Analysis in Social Research: A Guide to Data Sources and Methods with Examples, London: Allen & Unwin/Unwin Hyman, 1982.  With Preface by Michael Posner, Chairman of the SSRC.

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Occupational Segregation: A Comparative Study of Britain, the United States and Other Countries, Research Paper No. 9, London: Department of Employment, 1979.   Reprinted 1982 and 1987.